Radiator Flush

At In and Out Auto Care we provide radiator flush services that can help maintain radiators for several years longer than they would survive without proper maintenance. A radiator and the cooling system of your vehicle needs to be clean in order for it to cool properly. If its unable to keep your engine cool you will have bigger problems than a broken radiator. A radiator flush cleans out debris and deposits that can clog the system and leave you with an expensive repair. When we flush your fluids we also top them off so its a great idea to have this service done once a year if your vehicle is an older make.

Radiator Flush Gladstone, Oregon

We are located in Gladstone, Oregon right off of 205 and 99E so whether you are coming from downtown, the west side (West Linn, Lake Oswego), Clackamas, Gresham, Portland, etc. we are easy to find and provide fast, quality service. Winters in Portland aren’t the harshest but the summers can get pretty hot so its important that you get your vehicle a radiator flush service periodically so that it doesn’t overheat and leave you stranded on the side of the road somewhere.