Radiator Repair & Service

There is nothing more frustrating than having to pull over onto the side of the road with steam spewing out of your car. Your radiator helps regulate your engine’s temperature, ensuring that your engine’s parts don’t get damaged. Overheated engines are dangerous and can cause a number of problems that are costly to repair. This is why it’s very important that you perform regular check ups on your car’s radiator.

Signs your radiator might need repair or a service:

  • You find that your engine is running a little warmer than usual, either shortly after starting your car or over time.
  • You find a puddle of coolant (aka anti-freeze) underneath your car.

Our experienced mechanics recommend having your radiator flushed/coolant replacement performed according to your car’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule. Visit us at In and Out Auto Care in Gladstone if you have any questions or concerns about your radiator’s health. Our trained professionals will do everything they can to get your car back on the road and running smoothly as soon as possible.