You’re fabulous and take very good care of my car “Lucky”.

I’ve always been very satisfied with the work you do.

I’ve been really happy with all of the work that you’ve done on my truck and my father’s truck.

You’ve all been accommodating, friendly, honest, and informative. You have gone out of the way in the terms of customer service.

You do nice work and are fast.

Best advice my sister has ever given me is “go to In & Out” and she wasn’t suggesting a road trip to California for burgers. It may be sexist but being female, I hate going to the mechanic. I’ve met several that seem to assume I know nothing about cars (which is actually true) and assume I’ll buy anything (not true). After years of going to the mechanic with my car savvy friends and family on speed dial, it was such a relief to find In & Out. As I drive an older car, I need to stay on top of maintenance. They never try to sell me anything that I don’t need and they patiently take time to describe anything that may need a little TLC in my car. Wayne always clearly outlines what I need to take care of now and what items can wait. He takes the time to look for the more affordable part and tells me if there is a difference in quality that I might be sacrificing. I no longer live on the East side but I still commute from SW Portland to Gladstone because they are worth the trip. I know they aren’t going to try to take me for a ride and I know longer feel the need to stalk my car savvy friends and family before making any decisions on my car.

I do all of my own vehicle servicing. However, with a family, acreage, kids sports etc, I was running out of time to get my timing belt service completed and just couldn’t budget the time to do it myself. As I do my all of my own work, I have no trusted mechanic to rely on. I got a recommendation to try In & Out. I’ll admit I was nervous, I know how much time and care I put into my cars and figured any mechanic worth his salt would cost me dearly. I was pleasantly surprised, their rates are very reasonable. The work was done as expected, and delivered on time. While I may not be their most valuable recurring customer ever, if I find myself in another time crunch I will definitely be returning.

The air intake hose on my car completely cracked all the way around and left me stranded on the side of the road. A friend of mine helped me as much as he could which was super awesome but we just couldn’t get it running. I was referred to In & Out Auto by that same friend and was leery because it wasn’t my mechanic that I religiously use that always give me good prices and does good work. Well my mechanic couldn’t get me in for an entire week! So I gave In & Out Auto a shot. Had my car towed over there, and being on a budget asked if they could call with a quote prior to working on it. Which they did and to my surprise was much lower than expect. They explained that the car was flooded and a censor was bad etc. I got my are back the very next day, running as well as it ever had, and the bill was even lower than they quoted on the phone! And they called a few times just to give me updates and let me know what was going on, which was much appreciated in that time of stress. I would highly recommend In & Out Auto to everyone!

Finding a trustworthy mechanic is a hard thing to do. My parents aren’t so great about their car maintenance. Often times its something they ignore and I try to help with when I can. Problem is by the time they tell me about it often times the problem has been let go and I have no idea what maintenance they have done or what might have caused it. I’m usually clueless and at the mercy of my mechanic. I took their car to In and Out because it was having a stalling issue and would die on them suddenly as they were driving(not very safe at all). I was expecting a decent size bill. I also asked them to check everything else while it was there(expecting a laundry list of items). When they called back not only did they explain that a simple(and cheap!) torn hose had caused the problem, but also that really everything else was in okay condition and needed no additional work at this time. I was amazed at the level of service and honesty by this company. I pretty much gave them an “open ticket” for whatever the car needed and yet they got the problem fixed for cheaper than expected and were honest about it needing nothing else. More than I could have ever asked for. I will be back. Thank you In and Out!

I recently took my ol’ pickup in for repair. From the symptoms I guessed the problem may have been the thermostat. I also asked for an oil change and service.

It was indeed the thermostat (and contaminated coolant). Wayne called near the near of the day (Friday) and said it would be done prior to them leaving. I asked him if I could pick it up after hours using an extra key as the weather report was iffy. The pickup is 4 wheel drive, studs all around.

Here is the EXCELLENT part – he called a few minutes later, the thermostat they installed was bad (right out of the box), but they had another one they would put in. Friday, well after hours, below freezing outside, they stayed and finished my vehicle even though it had not been promised before the weekend. See the guys there, fair prices, excellent work and customer service is what they believe in.